1. Use this to Grade an Agents Calls

  2. We will forward the report to each Manager

  3. Try to Grade 1-2 calls a day. 

  4. Agents- Use this to critique Your Call as well. 

  5. We will send your critique back to you and your manager. 

  6. The Goal is to DIAL each of you in as quick as possible.  Not to hurt you. 

  7. Be Coach-able

  8. Strive to improve everyday

  9. Practice the things we ask you to 

  10. Do it everyday 

Do You Have the Eye of the Tiger?

Contact Leads or Issues with Logging into Lead Portal- Leads@eClick.Insure
Where to Place a policy or Contract - Contact Carrier Help Desk- See Carrier Link Tab
Sales Questions- Call Manager or email TeamOne@eClick.Insure
Contract Issues With Online Submission- Contact Agent Axelerator- 844-550-1200