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At eClick, we are committed to excellence. Since our founding, we have been working hard to ensure both our clients and agents receive the best possible insurance services possible. Our team of professionals offer unparalleled customer support and expert advice in the final expense arena.  We have quickly grown to be the top tier in final expense telesales and we make no apology for it.  We set the bar for others to follow and we will lead the way with technology and final expense leads innovation.  Why would you work with eClick?  We are the best at Final Expense Telesales..PERIOD! 


 eClick has partnered with ePlot ( to offer your client a free online final expense planning site and legacy page.  We are the only IMO in the nation who can offer their product.  If you're not offering a final expense planning site/ guide to your client- you're not taking care of your client's needs.  This secures their final wishes and puts a true plan in place for their families.  This truly separates eClick from anyone else. Why eClick?  We take care of you and your clients!


Why  eClick

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Why Final Expense Telesales ?

Sell Final Expense Nationwide- Work from Anywhere in the World.  

Hire Nationwide with the Highest Contracts in Final Expense Telesales or Field Sales.

eClick offers You and your clients a free online final expense planning site along with a Legacy Page.

24/7  Final Expense Online Training. You can train at your pace.  

We have a simple Phone Application that takes 15 minutes.  

Enjoy Life. Final Expense Telesales allows you to wok to live... Not living to work.. 

Work Anywhere

Leave A Legacy

eClick has partnered with ePLOT-  an online planning site that allows your client to pre plan their final wishes online.  They can also create their online ePlot which is basically an online legacy page.  All your clients  can do this for free. eClick  is the only company whom is allowed to offer these services.   

100 % FREE

  • Free for all eCLICK Agents

  • Free for YOUR CLIENTS

  • Online Final Expense Planning

  • Free Legacy Page

  • Final Expense Guides

  • Messages to the future

  • Plot Locator

  • Guardians 

  • So Much More


100 Leads  $10.00 / Each
75  Leads   $10.50 / Each
50 Leads    $11.00 / Each
40 Leads    $11.50 / Each
30 Leads    $12.00 / Each
25 Leads    $12.50 / Each


We have the #1 Lead for the Fairest Price.  eClick actually pays some of the cost as you order more Leads. We WANT you ordering leads- so you can put food on your table.  Here is the Pricing and Sample.  30% Closing Ratio.