You are buying the SUP Contract o

115% Contract for WHOLE LIFE- TERM  70 for Guaranteed Issue


- You run your show. We do not micro-manage

- You have experience

- We assist in recruiting

- Online training

- We assist you in running your Empire. 


- No refunds.  It's a committment fee. 

- Not forcing anyone to sign up for a SUP or Manager position. 

Manager / 115% Level- You run the show.

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  • All Sales are FINAL.  No refunds for services rendered.  You are signing up for a position with eClick. We give you access to intellectual information and systems once you pay.  NO REFUNDS.  We force no one to be an agent, manager or franchisee.  Leads are through a 3rd party and return or replacement must go through the vendor.  You purchasing the above item/s signifies that you understand this policy.