• f you bought a McDonald's Franchise you would be able to hire, fire, grow expand, order, etc. Could you imagine getting an office space, throwing up an eClick Banner, getting some tables and chairs, a few laptops and headsets, and hiring agents on a 50% contract with FREE LEADS. You would make the difference in their contract and yours. Let's assume you would make 65% of the sales. You got your office hitting 100k a month- that's 25k a week and very easy to hit. 65% of 100k is 65k times .75% advanced is 50k a month - lead cost. We can get you and your agents data- and leads for an average of $12.00 . If you spent 10k a month on leads - You would still profit 40k . Even if we are off 10k - you would still make 30k a month. Now, do the math on 200k, 300k, 400k and you're making 50% - minus lead costs. It's being done everywhere and we give you the platform, training, contracts to do just this. Mortgage your house, get a loan, find a cheap open location in a big city or near one, hire agents on FREE LEADS- and make a million your first year in the business. That's going ALL IN ! You only have to be right one time in business. Get Your eClick Franchise TODAY. www.eClick.Insure


Franchising Final Expense Telesales

    • Committment Fee / Contracting Fee
    • One Time Charge


    We feel that if you have something in the game-  You'll perform better.