Steven G.

Steven G. was born in a small town in Ohio - Galion. Home of the 1985 State Football Championships. His father is a preacherman and mother is school teacher. Steven enjoyed playing the drums in highschool along with sports- his favorit was basketball. 

Steven entered the Marines in 2002 and served honorbaly for 10 years before being medically discharged.  He gained a lot of his leadership from the Marines and believes in taking care of his agents. Read the letter from Steven below. 

"When I Invested in ME.... Is when No one could stop ME. "
From the time I was born things were tough. The doctors had to perform emergency surgery on my mother because I was wrapped up in the tubes. They said I had a few minutes to live so they did what they had to do. I was born a twin. My brother is Scott Gifford.  I have 3 other brothers.  I remember having to wear braces on our legs as they weren't aligned properly. My parents couldn't afford two sets of them as my father was working on a preacher's salary- so we improvised. Scott would wear them one night and I would wear them the next.  We learned at an early age to do whatever it took. 
We are 6th Generation cousins of the late President Warren G. Harding. You'll notice the image on the ePlot main video on the home page is of his memorial located about 45 minutes from the eClick HQ in Marion, Ohio.  Our grandparent would take us their weekly to remind us of our heritage and to instill in us the pride of the Gifford name.  I would use that in my career in the Marines and in life after. 
I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps. I was one of  32 Marines selected to attend the officer selection program at The Ohio State University.  This is where I would get injured and my career in the Marines would come to a regretful end.  I would start a nightclub on credit cards and turned it into a million dollar business the first year. I later went into the mortgage industry where I was a top agent for JP Morgan Chase.  After the mortgage decline I went into the final expense arena and rose quickly in the ranks. 
Fast forward 10 years and through the pain and agony of low contracts, high lead cost, and managers who were to greedy to take care of us- we left and started our own company.  I said if I couldn't find the right company who gave me the right tools to be successful - I would start my own company and here we are. 
I tell you this not to brag- but to show you that if a small town boy from Galion can build the top platform in the final expense telesales industry- you can too. We give you the tools to be your own franchisee and save you years of headache with bad contracts and greedy managers. 
We will be fair with you.  We will give you 110% effort at all time- even when some of you will give up on yourself and the system.  Know that the road you are embarking on is challenging but if you stay the course- you can change your life, your families life, and your agents lives as well.  We wish you all the succes in the world and look forward to watching you all grow your financial dreams. 
Semper Fidelis, 
Steven G. 

A letter from Steven G. 

The lady in the pic is my WHY!  She told me that I didn't make enough money to keep her. She missed out big time. Find YOUR WHY!